Every little helps… children with cancer

Cupcakes of Hope Image 3 Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer is a non profit organisation who raises fund for kids with cancer. Early detection saves lives. Chocolate decorated cupcakes, beautifully decorated cupcakes, any cupcakes made with love are used to raise funds for these children.

In 2011, Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer set a NEW WORLD RECORD for the MOST Cupcakes on DISPLAY

– 21 000. Through this achievement we were able to raise R200 000! These funds were donated to Reach

for A Dream, CANSA Vereeniging and towards paying for the medical costs of three Cancer patients.

The biggest lump sum was donated to 14 year old Gerhard, who lost his leg due to Cancer (R60 000 was donated to pay for his new prosthesis). R25 000 was donated to Reef Carneson and R20 000 for Baby Mark Scott. We also used some of the funds to grant some special wishes (a family holiday for a terminally ill child, baby toys, sports memorabilia for a Cancer Warrior, girls birthday party and gifts for a special 4 year old patient, etc.).Cupcakes 4 Kids With Cancer Image 2

The only requirements were that the cupcakes had to be made with LOVE … And if you have a look at all the cupcakes donated, you will see that they were AMAZING. We received so many compliments and people said that they could even taste the LOVE in our cupcakes.

In September 2012 we hosted South Africa’s first National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer at 20 venues across South Africa. We raised an amazing amount of R507 000! Thank you to all our sponsors and Cupcake Angels that made the event possible! We were also able to hand out over 60 000 leaflets with the Early Childhood Cancer Warning Signs, EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES…

Locations de vacances Londres est idéalement situé pour vous

County Hall

County Hall aussi appelé London County Hall est situé à Lambeth , Londres . Le County Hall de Londres a été le siège du conseil du comté de Londres , puis plus tard, le Grand Conseil de Londres . Si vous visitez le County Hall de Londres aujourd’hui, il est un site d’entreprise avec beaucoup d’attractions telles que le London Aquarium Sea Life .

Comme le County Hall de Londres est situé sur la rive sud de la Tamise , Londres Locations recommandons de visiter le pont de Westminster et le palais de Westminster qui sont des œuvres architecturales du célèbre architecte britannique John Nash . Beaucoup de sites d’attraction de Londres sont situés à proximité de la Appartements à louer à proximité du British Museum , donc réduisant votre temps et d’argent sur ​​Voyage . La galerie Saatchi était au County Hall et est maintenant à la maison pour le Festival du film de Londres .

Comme le London Eye est à côté de l’Hôtel de comté et permet de vacances Londres recommande que lors de la visite du County Hall de Londres que le London Eye à visiter ainsi . Le London Eye est une roue géante ferry qui a de grandes capsules qui prennent des passagers à de grandes hauteurs au dessus du sol et la vue sur la plus haute est la forme la plus spectaculaire .

Parmi les nombreuses attractions sites de Londres sont étroitement situé à la Appartements à louer à proximité de Buckingham Palace vous permettant de planifier une visite des attractions du site organisée . Parmi proximité d’autres raisons avantageuses de réserver avec Holiday Lets London locations vacances londres centre sont c’est dispose d’un système de réservation en ligne en toute sécurité avec réponses rapides de renseignements client et code PIN pour l’enregistrement et de départ .

Le bâtiment principal de six étages a été conçu par Ralph Knott et le bâtiment a été inauguré en 1922 par le roi George V. County Hall a servi de siège pour le gouvernement local depuis 64 ans . Depuis la dissolution de GLC quatrième et cinquième étages du bâtiment restent vides .

Les sites touristiques trouvés au County Hall de Londres sont le London Aquarium Sea Life , The London Dungeon , Le London Film Museum , le Centre des visiteurs du London Eye et la salle de jeux Namco Station , Azam rétrospective et le piège de la mort de Londres . Outre le Donjon de Londres qui a ouvert n 2013, le bâtiment abrite deux autres animateurs Merlin .

L’O2 Arena est un complexe similaire à celle de la comté de Hall , mais la place est le premier de divertissement de Londres .location de vacances à londres suggèrent que les deux O2 Arena et le County Hall à visiter . Pour un mix and match de sites d’attraction bon visiter ce qui est dans sur Londres dans notre site Locations vacances londres ou nous envoyer un courriel avec vos questions .

Your wedding is the best day of your life

Your wedding is the best day of your life; don’t settle for anything less than the best. Memories will last a life time; it’s one of those special occasions in your life that will be momentous.

Put your wedding plans in the hands of the experts in the industry. Marquee hire in west Sussex will show you their large selection of themed marquees you can choose from allowing for a perfect occasion with beautiful décor.

Marquee Hire has the largest selection of marquee for hire in the UK, now that’s a company to trust with their excellent customer service and reputation.

Get away for a weekend break

We were looking for an affordable relaxing weekend away and came across this treasure of a place called Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold after reading what other guests aid about theBed and Breakfast Surrey we decided to give it a try… have a look what has been said by satisfied guests

Treated like a friend more than a customer
My stay here was fantastic, for starters it was a gorgeous, very traditional old cottage inside and out, with a big fireplace which was very welcoming to come home to. Guy was a great…

– C tsiantar

A lovely, old, character cottage in the countryside, yet close enough to London and its airports.
We arrived late on a Friday evening for three nights over the August bank holiday. The host Guy a widower his son Freddy and the dog…

– Susan Gibson

Delicious dinner in cozy cottage
Don’t miss the dinner! Guy Charlesworth is an excellent cook

– J Chalupper

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Read what to expect of a Tantric Journey

Have you ever had a sexual dysfunction problem that is your secret? That you feel you can’t share with anyone and yet you desperately would like to get some help, well help in a phone call away with Mal Weeraratne . Take control of your life again and begin this journey with the man who is a British Pioneer in the Area of Emotional Release through bodywork, Mal Weeraratne has studied in various accredited institutes under pioneers & experts earning him the accolade of being the first Certified Tantra Educator in the UK. Read what to expect from your Tantric journey:

Tantric Journey

The deep bodywork that l carry out in a Tantric Journey healing session will help to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, issues and blocks and will create sufficient positive energies that will spread throughout your body to heal every cell.

This treatment gives the client ultimate control of the pace and focus of the healing. Tantric Journey teaches the body and mind to self-heal, self-develop and to master the skills of achieving a full body, extended Multi Orgasmic Response (MORE), instead of a localised genital release, putting the woman in charge of her own sexuality, instead of depending on a man, woman or even a vibrator
What to Expect if You Come for a Treatment with Mal Weeraratne 

After removing your shoes you will be brought into my Tantric Journey Temple, filled with statues of Buddha, Gods and Goddesses such as Shiva, Shakti, Ganesh and Tara, dim tranquil lighting with candles and incense surrounded with a touch of ethnic ancient music. This is a place of calm and relaxation where there is no agenda or expectations. A sacred space to be in, to be fully present and who will be able to live in your own truth, with no judgement.  You may have lived a lie all your life to satisfy your environment, culture, religion, friends, relationships, relatives, work colleagues and neighbours making you totally disconnected to be someone else. It’s a place to find yourself, to be connected and It is a time to chat about your massage experiences, expectations, medical history, lifestyle and personal boundaries, likes and dislikes.

I will give you a brief history of myself and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is paramount for me that you are comfortable and feel at ease with me and the therapy you are about to experience.

Tantric Journey begins with four key practices:

•          Deep breathing with attention
•          Movement with feelings
•          Chanting with expression of emotions
•          Tantric massage to remove negative imprints

A detailed list of the treatment procedure Treatment Card will be given and a consent form will need to be signed prior to the treatment. Sessions take between 3 hours up to half a day depending on the needs of the individual client.

Knowall IT will ensure your company has the latest in IT systems

Knowall IT will assist your company to convert to Cloud Computing effortlessly so you will never look back. They offer leading Cloud Computing London which is affordable, scalable with built in redundancy; and are here to support your journey to the cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud are well discussed: High availability, high level of flexibility, greater agility, greater resilience, easily scalable, cost efficient and they require minimal IT management resource – bringing consistent enterprise-class capability to small and medium sized businesses.

What is Cloud Computing?  The Knowall Cloud Computing support is a solution that delivers email and data directly to your PC desktop or web browser while still using local applications. As leading London Cloud Providers Knowall IT have the latest innovative technology. 

How is this possible? Knowall IT has their own server which houses clients email, data and applications on their high availability cloud platform. This server is co-located in a 3 tier data centre outside of London.

Benefits of Cloud Computing?

There are many benefits to your organisation or company by converting to Cloud Computing. It is an affordable solution reducing costs in your organisation and delivers better customer service. Your business will run more efficiently concentrating on the core business functions.

With Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service Knowall IT has solutions for everyone.

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renovate your home with the professional South London Builders

Do you want some changes made to your home? Have you been saving for years for a home extension and now is the time to make your dreams a reality. South London Refurbishments are a reliable, professional team of people who quietly get the job done over and above the client’s expectations.

There highly trained staff work seamlessly together and neatly ensuring your living arrangements are not disturbed unnecessarily.Builders in Wimbledon and Builders in Chelsea offers reliable building, maintenance and refurbishment services in and around London – Builders in Fulham.

They can build a house extension, loft conversion, update or renovate your house or only bathroom, kitchen, living space in and around London and surrounding area

Feel confident with your date from Dukes of Daisy

Renting a friend doesn’t have to be something to fear with Dukes of Daisy rent a friend service, their professional approach makes you feel at ease within no time at all. Rent a friend UK is a fast and easy solution to finding a date at the last minute. Before you cancel that special occasion because you don’t have a date, contact Dukes of Daisy and before you know it you will be going out with the perfect date.

From brown hair brunettes to blonde escort London ladies, there is someone for everyone. Not only can you choose the physical looks but you can also choose the type of person they are. You can find someone to suit your budget and book them in a few simple steps.

Have a look at some of the large selection of guys and girls that Dukes of Daisy’s have to offer, you can even put up your wish list.

 Maria     Laura    Adam    Johnny

Do you need to earn good money? Have you thought of joining Dukes of Daisy rent a friend service? Contact them and find out how you can become part of the Dukes of Daisy family.

dblo Associates are now Carbon Smart

Dblo Associates Residential architects London is a well-established company who have a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals who have the same vision with a wide experience and knowledge across a variety of project and contract types. They have been involved in many of London’s well known architectural projects.

Not only are they brilliant architects, they make a difference in the community with various projects, they are now certified Carbon Smart partners taking a proactive stance and address their contribution to climate change, their organisation has committed to the carbon smart programme. being carbon smart means taking an intelligent and flexible approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

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Gifts galore from The Travelling Souk

Are you stuck for unusual gifts ideas? Are you all shopped out, having walked from one end of the high street to the other? Are you on a budget but would like to get a good quality, unique gifts?

Look no further, once you start shopping online with the travelling Souk you will soon be hooked. They have the most exciting gift ideas, the latest gifts available, suiting any budget. You can shop to your hearts delight as there is so much shopping you can do from the comfort of your home … for all occasions under one roof.

The sellers are carefully selected as well as their products, many of the items you find on the Travelling Souk you will not find in the high street shops. With an excellent source of sellers and products they treat each client with good customer service making you want to return to shop time and time again.

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